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How to write an article for your blog

As you can see this pattern F of visual tour (named for the way it creates F), most readers do not really read word for word, but scan the article focusing on the first few paragraphs and the first words to collect the main ideas. So you have some suggestions for organizing your article you should write in inverted pyramid structure, ie main ideas and summarize the content must be in the first paragraph, and less important as they will write the remaining paragraphs .

I certainly do believe in inspiration; in those ideas that appear out of nowhere, sweeping force everything else. Although I have always thought that, in fact, comes from within and is the result of our own work. That is, the more you write, the more ideas you have, as Picasso said: Inspiration exists, but it must find you working “.

Teachers LMDI Internet is the most important Hispanic event marketing and online business. This event has become the annual convention of the industry of digital businesses. In writing the proposal this week, I invite you to the world of eccentricity, of the picturesque. Dammit! It’s summer and the heat caused unprecedented neural connections.

I want a concept for The Life and Death … to love. So my concept will … The Life and Death is loved. but why…? I want to keep an idea in my cause … I’ve got it! Life was more beautiful and radiant than ever so that death, seeing it, fell in love so he invented a promise for further attracted to life. Here now I have a cause that I can keep in my semantic field of causes.

Quite another thing, would you have many grammatical and spelling mistakes. In that case, my best advice is to do writing courses to perfect yourself in this matter. Write a post with mail and Facebook is like dieting open the freezer full of ice cream. You can not find more dangerous distractions, especially if you’re starting.